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Ten year fixed mortgages popular

[ Posted February 11th, 2012 ]

Norwich & Peterborough Building Society has decided to take their ten year fixed mortgages offer off the market after it experienced a high demand and completed as many deals as they could offer lending for. In these times of economic uncertainty, people apparently jumped at the chance to get a secure rate before the market explodes again, making it a very successful offer for N&P.

The bank offered lenders the chance to sign into a mortgage for ten years at the low rate of 3.99% with a 75%LTV attached to the offer, making it a great choice for those who wanted to remortgage at a solid rate. The ten year fixed mortgage product was one of the best mortgage rates of its kind on the market and offered security for many homeowners that would take them up until the close of their mortgage.

Plus, it had a low arrangement fee of just £295 making it an excellent choice for those who wanted a low cost way to buy security over the following for the next few years.  The product was officially pulled off the market on February 6th, but those who had already made agreements and appointments with N&P will still see the deal honoured.

It was a surprise to see such a large uptake of the deal, given the fact that the Bank of England has left the base rate down at the historically lowest  0.5% for the last few years, and there is still not a clear cut time frame for when it may rise. However, despite this fact the low mortgage rate was still attractive to most and quickly became oversubscribed after only being on the market for justover one month. This is a clear sign to other banks that ten year fixed mortgage products are an attractive choice for those who own a home.

Richard Barker, the N&P Product Manager, stated that the bank felt that it was an excellent time to offer a ten year mortgage product to the public and they were proved right after they saw the high demand for the deal they had offered. He added that the extra incentives that were tacked onto the deal such as cashback and low fees also helped to draw more consumers towards the amazing rate.

He added that they had to take the product off the market in order to keep their high customer service standards but in the future hope to be able to offer another similar product to consumers.

Brokers predicting mortgage rates will become unpredictable

[ Posted January 28th, 2012 ]

Many brokers are now telling new borrowers that have taken out variables or SVRs to expect mortgage rates to change quite a bit over the next few months as a result of the economic uncertainty that is looming over the UK. Many of the major lenders have already increased their rates expecting that the mortgage market will become unstable. Thus, those that have not yet taken out a mortgage may want to wait a few months, or act quick in order to get a reasonable rate for their home purchase.

Many brokers predict that the sudden increase in mortgage applications that took place over the last quarter is going to be replaced by an ‘ebb and flow’ that will continue to plague the market for the first half of the year. Most lenders are concerned about the high cost of funds as a result of the eurozone debt crisis which has caused them to increase their mortgage rates in anticipation.

Those with SVRs will also notice their lending rates go up over the next few months and likely have already noted a slight increase over the past month or so in their mortgage payment. Over the last few days, lenders have already made several changes to their advertised rates with some choosing to change their LTV bands so that borrowers will not necessarily get a better deal even with a high deposit.

Trinity Financial representative Aaron Strutt recommends that buyers spend some time shopping around before choosing a lending agent if they want to find the best mortgage rates on the market. It is also important to add up the savings of the deposit and the mortgage rate as well as any savings advertised for fee free loans as the actual savings may be less than expected.

Mortgage broker Andrew Montlake from Coreco said that the market is going to become very unpredictable over the next few months because as the Bank Rate stays stable lenders have the choice to sporadically increase and decrease their rates to help ward off a swarm of applications.

He added that since lenders do not want to see a sudden influx of applications from being the cheapest offer on the market, borrowers will see lenders change their rates at the same time and then decrease their rates at the same time. Therefore, it is useful to watch for the change in action and then jump on a great offer.

Research shows consumers prepared for hike in mortgage rates

[ Posted January 14th, 2012 ]

As doomsday banking experts continue to raise concern that if mortgage rates jump the amount of foreclosures will increase as people will be unable to afford their monthly payments, a new survey reveals that many people are actually ready for this to happen. In fact, the study shows that most homeowners are aware of the threat of increased mortgage rates and are prepared to meet the new demands should they occur.

The results were compiled as a result of an industry survey that was carried out at the end of 2011. The survey also revealed that during 2011, mortgage repayments were at the most affordable that they have been for a decade.  This may be due to the fact that many people remortgaged their homes over the course of 2011 in order to take advantage of the best mortgage rates.

These rates were offered during the year the first nine months before the Eurozone crisis hit during the last quarter of the year. The poll also showed that 70% of borrowers that were questioned already have a plan in place that will help them afford the increase in their mortgage.

Another 80% of those included in the poll stated that if the interest rate were to change, thus increasing their mortgage rates, they have enough room in their budget that they could still afford their mortgage. While the survey did not state whether or not the changes would restrict their budget, most of those questioned did express that they would be able to continue to make monthly payments without a large reason for concern.

Despite this fact, the survey also showed that despite continual warnings from experts that the rates could go up, most borrowers do not really believe that it will happen in 2012. There are experts who also share this view as some banking industry analysts predict that the Bank of England will not actually change the base rate in the UK until 2014.

This alone would be astounding given the fact that it has sat at .5% for 34 months already.  However, if the euro fails, or the Eurozone debt crisis fails to find a resolution over the next couple of months, then the economic climate in the UK could be quickly affected changing the current predictions of the housing market.

Co-Operative Bank reduces their mortgage offers

[ Posted December 15th, 2011 ]

Even though many banks are increasing their mortgage rates this month as a result of the rising costs of interbank lending and the tighter economic outlook, Co-Operative Bank has decided to take a step towards helping out its consumers by reintroducing their fixed mortgages so that rates can be dropped.

Some of the rates offered by the bank will be slashed by as much as .6% helping to make it easier for first time buyers to get their feet on the property ladder for the first time. This will also be helpful for those who need to remortgage their homes. To make it easier for those seeking a remortgage and for those who are just starting out on the property ladder, the Co-Operative bank will also offer many of their low mortgage rates without any fees attached.

The no fee options should help those who may be struggling to get together a high LTV as they can put their savings toward the LTV instead of towards the fees that are associated with applying for and getting approved for a mortgage. This is the aim of the new project according to the Bank.

James Hillon of the Co-Operative Bank stated that as the crisis in the eurozone is causing many lenders to sharply increase their mortgage rates the bank is committed to offering consumers another choice by ignoring the trend and instead keeping rates low so that there continues to be some movement within the unstable housing market.

Last year the bank also offered two new products to help buy to let mortgage owners including one product that offered cashback and another product that allowed for options as part of the mortgage deal.

Consumers simply looking for housing products will enjoy the new offer by the Co-Op Bank that offers a LTV set as low as 85% with an attached mortgage fee of just 3.79% which for a fixed mortgage is very reasonable this month. On the other hand, a customer that can only afford a 90% LTV but is willing to take a five year fixed deal can enjoy a mortgage rate of 5.09% which is slightly higher but may be the push needed to get on the property ladder without having to find such a large deposit.

Market experts weigh in on potential increase in mortgage rate

[ Posted June 10th, 2011 ]

Mortgage market website group Mortgage Introducer contacted many known mortgage experts in the mortgage market to gather a response on what the expected decision will be on the upcoming vote of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee in terms of the base rate.  The decision will be important for many homeowners with mortgages and those who are considering taking on a mortgage since the bank base rate will influence the potential rise in the mortgage rate changing the market outlook.  Thus, a great deal of industry analysts are nervously awaiting the decision as well as those with tracker mortgages that will change based on the base rate decision.

The market professionals seemed to reach a general consensus among each other as shown by the survey that the MPC will not yet change the interest rates which means that there may be a brief period of respite.  This means that right now may be the best time to find the best mortgage rates as all of the professionals still expected to see interest rates increase; the disparity among them seemed to come when asked when.  Most professionals had a different idea of when the BoE is actually going o raise the base interest rate.

Stanley Research announced in May that they expected to see the BoE increase the base rate come this August if wage growth starts to pick up over the next two months.  Analysts from this firm felt that interest rates would rise to 1% by the close of this year and up to another 2% by the close of 2012 which could change fluctuation in the monthly payments for those who do not own fixed mortgages that could amount to more than seventy pounds or so every month eating into household budgets quickly.

However, opinions differed with private broker Edward Checkley of Private Finance stating that he believes that the rate will stay down for now, but will increase by about a quarter by the end of the year and then by the end of 2012 to the same intimidating 2%.  He continued to say however that it is hard to know when interest rates will rise for certain so at the moment flexible tracker mortgages are still the best choice for those considering a home mortgage although the market is flooded with people switching hastily to fixed mortgages to avoid being trapped in a high mortgage rate.

Borrowers Facing Unprecedented Uncertainty Over The Future

[ Posted October 25th, 2009 ]

In many instances

standard variable rate (SVR ) is lower than the rate that had been paid during the initial deal. That’s the reason for many borrowers whose current deal is coming to an end to choose between  taking out a new deal or moving to their lender’s SVR.

Sometimes the mortgages arrangement fee cannot be justified due to the risk of defaulting so it must be due to the risk of interest rates rising.

Asking yourself if you should  insure against mortgage hike? There is only one answer:

Unfortunately there isn’t  any insurance that will protect against a rate increase.

Choosing to move to your lender’s SVR for the time being you should consider setting up a savings account in which the difference between your old and new lower monthly payment could be saved.

This money can be utilised in a future event of a of a sudden rate increase, giving you a buffer,  while you are looking for a new deal.

The only way to ensure that your monthly payment remains the same, regardless of any rate increase, is to move from your current deal onto a fixed-rate deal. But, even financial experts can’t agree on the way ahead.

Borrowers are facing unprecedented uncertainty over the future path of interest rates, which means a tough choice between low-rate tracker mortgages and the security of more costly fixed-rate deals.

Accordinding with L&C the tracker would be the best choice in terms of total repayments over the five years if interest rates rose at a slow, steady pace, but the fix would be better if rates rose sharply.

 Homeowners with low SVRs of 2.5% should also stay put. The  research shows that on any SVR at 4% or higher you could end up paying more than on a five-year fixed rate by the end of the term (in this „steady” scenario) and should consider remortgaging.

Mortgage borrowing down 52% in a year, say lenders

[ Posted July 21st, 2009 ]

Mortgage lending to home buyers increased 17% to an estimated £12.3 billion from May to June, says the Council of Mortgage Lenders.

Although lending was up 17% from £10.5 billion in May, the June total was still almost half the amount lent to home buyers in June 2008.

Then £23.8 billion was available for home buyers and remortgages.

Year-on-year the amount of cash available from lenders to home buyers has reduced 52% as lenders changed their policy from splashing the cash to almost everyone who applied to selecting a chosen few.

The figures also show that total lending of £33.3 billion for the first quarter of 2009 was the same as total lending for the second quarter, ending June 30, 2009.

The figure of £33.3 billion is the lowest quarterly lending figure since the first three months of 2001.

CML economist Paul Samter said: “The pick-up in June’s lending largely reflects seasonal factors, and these may well support lending volumes at moderately higher levels over the rest of the summer.

"Combined effects of the restricted nature of mortgage funding, reduced number of active lenders, weak labour market and limited consumer demand are likely to hold back any significant and underlying improvement.

"Our forecast for gross mortgage lending of £145 billion this year is unchanged."

According to the CML, mortgage fraud is also rising due to restricted lending and the inability of many buyers to get high loan to value mortgage deals because they cannot afford deposits.

The average first time buyer deposit is £32,000.

Most first time buyers have to pay up at least 25% of the value of their prospective new home as a deposit. Those with a 10% deposit have little choice on the mortgage market and anything less turns up nothing.

To try and get round this difficulty, borrowers are giving inflated salary details or failing to mention debts, like credit card balances. Many mortgage lenders will not lend to anyone who does not have a perfect credit history .

A single missed mortgage payment could prevent a borrower qualifying for a remortgage .

The CML highlighted the fact that lenders are looking closer at applications to try and cut out fraud,

On top of all that borrowers have to watch out for ‘here today gone tomorrow’ deals as the average shelf life of mortgages is getting shorter all the time.

According to a Moneyfacts, a finance research company, mortgages were typically available for 14 days in June, down from the 23 days on the shelf when conditions were more stable. Moneyfacts also expects this time to shorten while the mortgage market remains restrictive.

Mortgage comparison web sites are still considered one of the best ways to keep on top of available mortgages as the data is updated daily in line with new mortgage deals.

Lloyds TSB Offers New Easy Step Mortgage

[ Posted July 20th, 2009 ]

At a time when lenders are being competative, Lloyds TSB is offering a new rate that might be appealing to those looking for a bargain and help on some of their expenses. The lender has announced a new Easy Step mortgage.

This mortgage offers a lower rate for a minimum of the first three months that the homeowners pay on the loan. This would help on expenses such as moving costs incurred during the process of a move into a new home, simply by the savings they would receive.

Rates available start out at 2.49%. That would be for a three-year fix with a 60% LTV (Loan-To-Value.) After that, the rate climbs to 5.49% once the discount ends.

Another rate available, from Lloyds TSB branches, is another loan at 2.59% with a three-year fix and a rate that increases to 5.59% once the discount ends.

The commercial director of mortgages at Lloyds Banking Group, Stephen Noaks, in a press release stated< “Upfront costs such as legal fees or Stamp Duty can discourage potential buyers from making that purchase. The low initial payments of the Easy Step mortgage give the option of some breathing space to get on top of these costs.

“We’re looking at different ways to encourage house purchase in order to stimulate the market. The Easy Step mortgage offers customers another choice in our homebuyer range.”

Contact your local Lloyds branch if you would like more information on these discounted loan packages.

Abbey Offers New Rates For A Limited Time

[ Posted July 19th, 2009 ]

Abbey has a new offering that those looking for a competitive fixed rate mortgage may be looking for. It is a four year fixed rate mortgage that has an 85% LTV (Loan To Value) ratio and at a rate of 5.99%.

If you want to take advantage of this deal, simply stop by an Abbey branch or contact one of their representatives by phone. This is for house purchasers and those interested in a remortgage.

There is a 995-pound fee that applies to this loan however there is a free valuation. The company throws a 250-pound cash back on completion. On the other hand, a Remortgage Solution offers free valuation and free legal work for the customer.

Abbey is also starting a four-year-fix if you are a customer with an existing account which comes with a rate of 4.99% and no fee.

There is also a similar plan that is in effect that comes with a 75% LTV over the telephone and through branches of the lender.

The company is also offering another plan that comes with a three-year fix at 4.59%. It has a fee of 495-pounds and is available with a 75% LTV. This is for remortgage customers. You must also be a member of the staff at UK universities. It is sponsored by the Santander Universities programme.

There’s no telling how long these offerings will be made available, so you should contact Abbey as soon as possible to take advantage of them.

Brokers Get Most Of The Business

[ Posted July 17th, 2009 ]

Home buyers are often known for seeking their own loans through certain banks and others that service this particular area. There are some however, that see the usefulness of going through loan brokers so that they can get the best deal.

According to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML), the latter seems to be the way many future homeowners are attempting to get their loan, this according to information that has been supplied by the Financial Services Authority. This accounts for roughly sixty-percent of the public for the first quarter of 2009. This is roughly the same number that accounts for the last quarter of 2008.

Many of the lenders are tending to offer their products in the fashion due to the credit crunch and some of the pre-qualification efforts that goes into the brokerage industry. Buyers also like some of the service levels and expertise that some of the brokers have when it comes down to matching them with the loan that they need.

Numbers have increased in the number of brokers being used and it seems that first-time buyers are more likely to use a broker than those who are looking to remortgage, find a second home or simply looking to move from one location to another.

According to Peter Williams, executive director of the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association, “People value the service that the mortgage broker provides.” It’s one of the main reasons that many people go looking for a mortgage broker to use instead of doing the rate shopping themselves.

Mortgage brokers still have a job to do, as the number of products available on the market is less than it was at one time when the housing industry was at its peak and there was a large number of lenders on the market willing to do business. aims to provide every client with cheap, affordable and best mortgage loans in the UK market, however the actual mortgage rate available will depend on client's financial circumstances and credit history. Although, has made every effort to ensure that the mortgage rates listed are correct, it bears no responsibility in case of an error. 
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